Fulvic Infused ® by Universal Formulas


What is Fulvic Infused®?

Fulvic Infused® is the proprietary trademark for Universal Formulas’ products which are enhanced with Tracite™, a unique, plant derived, mineral rich concentrate containing 77 essential fulvic minerals, trace elements and electrolytes with >5% naturally-occurring fulvic acid compounds.

Fulvic Infused® products have a proportionate and balanced amount of Tracite™ fulvic trace minerals to assist in the absorption and bio-availability of all the ingredients of the product for each dosage.

Fulvic Infused® products are supported by science with ongoing, independent lab analyses guaranteeing the highest quality fulvic minerals available in today's market.


Fulvic Infused® products may noticeably elevate good health

  • Improve Well-being
  • Strengthen Energy & Stamina
  • Promote Rapid Healing

What are fulvic minerals?

Fulvic minerals form when fulvic acid converts inorganic metallic and rock minerals into a biologically active form. Fulvic acid occurs naturally in the soil and is the delivery system for plants to absorb and utilize the minerals from the soil. These minerals are rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, chromium, copper, zinc, and many more trace elements.

Research has shown fulvic minerals perform as a powerful delivery system, carrying 60 times their weight in nutrients of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into your body’s cells. This increases the effectiveness of health supplements. Universal Formulas is the only supplement company with Fulvic Infused® products, which are enriched with Tracite™, a potent liquid concentrate of fulvic minerals which allow your body to fully utilize the nutrient potency in food and supplements.


What are the benefits of Fulvic Infused® products?

Fulvic Infused®  = enriched nutritional value

Fulvic acid molecules bond with nutrients and rapidly transport them into your cells- a helping hand to ensure the body receives the nutrients.

Fulvic Infused® = increased bioavailability

Fulvic minerals are tiny and water soluble for maximum absorption.

Fulvic Infused® = higher potency

Electrolytes charge the nutrients, increasing their power.

Additional Fulvic Infused®  Benefits

  • Increase Metabolism
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Balance Hormones & pH
  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Improve Memory & Focus

Where do Universal Formulas Tracite™ Fulvic Minerals and Fulvic Infused® products come from?

Since 1996, Universal Formulas has owned and operated a mineral mine in the south central United States, where we harvest our fulvic minerals. We purchased this mine after research revealed the minerals contained in the shale had a higher naturally-occurring fulvic acid and mineral content than anything else on the market.


Tracite™ Fulvic Minerals and Fulvic Infused® products are the highest quality.

Independent lab analysis consistently shows 70+ trace elements and electrolytes in Universal Formulas Tracite® Fulvic Minerals. www.fulvicmineral.com/independent-lab-analyses.html



Fulvic Infuse Everything

Tracite Fulvic Minerals


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