Breast Carcinoma Nutritional Health Support Protocol

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Product Number: 7338

This protocol is designed to be a six month nutritional support protocol designed for people diagnosed with Breast Carcinoma. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, or have elected not to seek the conventional medical treatment it is our intention to support your choice with nutrition support developed by Ralf Ostertag a Bio-Nutritionist/Herbalist who has thirty-five years experience in the Healthcare field. Please understand that this does NOT replace conventional medical treatment. Sound nutrition should be part of any treatment program medical or otherwise, especially cancer patients. By supporting your nutritional needs thereby supplying your cells with the minerals, vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals, and elements you increase your chances of survival while easing the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, drug therapy, and/or surgery.

Universal Formulas can only offer product support, but due to FDA regulations and qualifications we cannot provide any health care support.

Included in this six month Protocol:

6 Bottles of EB Digestive #1005

4 Bottles of Quint Essence #6111

17 Bottles of Innergy #4010

24 Bottles of EssiaCaps #8550

8 Bottles of Vitamin C #5056

4 Bottles of Vitamin E #5071

1 Bottle of Tracite #2031

Product Number: 7338