CandidaEX (The Candida Cleanse That Works )

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Product Number: 6615
Medium: Vegi-Capsules
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CandidaEX is a formulation that produces a multi-faceted assault on Candida also targeting the reduction or elimination of the 'Friends of Candida' including eColi, fungus, viruses and a host of bacterium. These 'Friends of Candida' maintain an 'ideal environment' by supplying perfect food that sustains the yeasts proliferation. By boosting immune response in addition to destroying the yeast, the elimination and control of Candida yeast can be realized. CandidaEX contains ingredients that aggressively destroy foreign invaders of the bowel, blood, lymph, glands and other organ systems.

The yeast feeds on undigested food particles in the bowel (due to poor diet and lack of enzymes from the pancreas) producing excess mucous protecting candida yeast cells from the body's natural defense mechanisms. Undigested carbohydrates and proteins entering the bowel from the stomach and small intestine serve as a food source. This food source for Candia must also be eliminated. CandidaEX contains enough enzymes to effectively digest these food particles in the upper reaches of the stomach. This eliminates the migration of undigested food cells into the large intestine cutting off one of candida's main food sources. It is VERY important to follow all protocols as closely as possible. Candida can be very aggressive in its attempt to survive. Be diligent in your intent and follow-through thereby insuring a quick and effective reduction of yeast or fungus infestation.

Take this product for no longer than 30 days at a time. This is a VERY STRONG formulation. Take as directed.

Note: Avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine with this product and do not take if pregnant, nursing an infant, or have a liver condition unless recommended by a health professional.

CandidaEX is one in a series of Opti-Blends. The Opti-Blends concept provides engineered combinations of nutrients that address specific health goals. Packaged in a way to provide a simple and convenient delivery of nutrients at their optimal ratio. Our uniquely designed blends reduce the need to take numerous different supplements to achieve outstanding results. With our exclusive use of natural ingredients, these blends offer a more consistent and cost effective approach to supplementation.

We add a combination of 77 fulvic trace minerals, mineral compounds and mineral elements, as well as a blend of 'plant derived' enzymes to our products. This combination of natural vegetarian fulvic minerals and enzymatic compounds provides the greatest bio-availability of supplemental ingredients known today.

The added enzyme activity in our formulations ensures that nutrients are properly digested. And the fulvic minerals, which carry 60 times their molecular weight in nutrients directly to cells, are the transport agents of our supplements. This combination is the 'one-two punch' that sets our products above and apart from all others.

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Can I test my Candida amounts? If not, how do I know I have too much Candida?

Candida overgrowth can be detected through a few different testing methods. One is an at home saliva test, with no additional supplies needed, and one is a medical test to be completed with a medical professional.

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CandidaEX (The Candida Cleanse That Works ) Label Nutrition Facts
Product Number: 6615
Medium: Vegi-Capsules
Container Quantity: 210
Cap Style: Screw
Seal Method: Shrink
Bottle Volume: 700cc
Material: HDPE
Package: Wide-mouth Jar