Universal Greens (the pH enhancing Opti-Blend)

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Product Number: 6804
Medium: Powder
Container Quantity: 1/2lb (226.8grams)

Studies show that maintaining a proper, slightly alkaline pH balance is considered one of the most important aspects of a healthy, disease-free body and is essential for normal cellular function.

What are some of the benefits of taking Universal Greens?

  • Alkalizes and energizes your body.
  • The chlorophyll in Universal Greens acts as a blood purifier.
  • Can assist in slowing down the aging process.
  • Sipping Universal Greens in between meals can help stabilize blood glucose levels.
  • Whitens and freshens your teeth and breath.
  • Can help reduce your appetite and craving for sweets.

Universal Greens is a whole food supplement that will support, nourish and energize every cell in your body. It is made from a combination of 40 herbs, grasses, grains, fruits and vegetables that are formulated for easy assimilation. We have also included Tracite, our proprietary blend of full-spectrum, plant derived trace minerals. Because of its high fulvic mineral content, Tracite facilitates the absorption of the nutrients in Universal Greens directly into the cells of your body.

Universal Greens is one in a series of Opti-Blends. The Opti-Blends concept provides engineered combinations of nutrients that address specific health goals. Packaged in a way to provide a simple and convenient delivery of nutrients at their optimal ratio. Our uniquely designed blends reduce the need to take numerous different supplements to achieve outstanding results. With our exclusive use of natural ingredients, these blends offer a more consistent and cost effective approach to supplementation.

We add a combination of 77 fulvic trace minerals, mineral compounds and mineral elements, as well as a blend of 'plant derived' enzymes to our products. This combination of natural vegetarian fulvic minerals and enzymatic compounds provides the greatest bio-availability of supplemental ingredients known today.

The added enzyme activity in our formulations ensures that nutrients are properly digested. And the fulvic minerals, which carry 60 times their molecular weight in nutrients directly to cells, are the transport agents of our supplements. This combination is the 'one-two punch' that sets our products above and apart from all others.

Skeletal System - structural support and protection through bones
Nervous system - collecting, transferring and processing information with brain and nerves
Integumentary system - skin, hair and nails
Immune system - defending against disease-causing agents
Digestive system - processing food with mouth, stomach and intestines
Cardiovascular system -

The main components of the cardiovascular system are the heart and the blood vessels. Blood is oxygenated through the lungs and the digestive system feeds the heart with nutrients. 

Urinary System - the kidneys and associated structures involved in the production and excretion of urine
Muscular system - moving the body
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Is your Universal Green product gluten free?

Yes, our Universal Greens are gluten free. There is no wheat in our product, only wheat grass, the plant prior to sprouting, which creates the gluten found in wheat products. Once the wheat grass sprouts, the "gluten" is created. We do not use sprouted wheat.

Our green's are also GMO-Free, wildly-crafted, and/or organic.

Does Universal Greens taste bad?

The flavor of Universal Greens is a bit strong, but the majority of people still find this product palatable. Your taste buds will develop to enjoy this earthy, green flavor more, with use. Try using it first with water, to see how much you can consume this way and adjust from that dosaging. Sprinkle some on a salad, in your oatmeal, into a fresh fruit juice/smoothie, or anything else you desire! You are bound to find a way that you do enjoy it!

What lifestyle changes do I need to make?

Lifestyle Changes to Assist in Hydrating, Alkalizing & Energizing your body

A healthy, plant-based diet and proper hydration are two powerful factors in maintaining vibrant health by creating a healthy internal pH-balanced environment.

Hydration: The key to getting the best results from Universal Greens is to sip on your drink throughout the day (in between meals) until you have ingested approximately three to four quarts of water (distilled or spring) with Universal Greens added. Our bodies are 70% water and most people are chronically dehydrated without even knowing it. Chronic dehydration can lead to many health issues. A good guideline for daily water consumption is one quart for every 50 pounds of body weight.

Alkalizing: We recommend adding our pH OxyPlus (#2433) to your water mixed with the Universal Greens for an added boost in alkalizing and oxygenating your body. Universal Greens and pH Primer Plus are formulated to neutralize the effects of acidosis and rid the body of accumulated toxins.

Test the pH of your saliva and urine with our pH Litmus Stix (#2947). This should be done first thing in the morning for at least a week, to see if chronic acidosis is something you need to address. A chronically over-acidic pH corrodes the body tissues and is conducive to degenerative disease and premature aging.

Energizing: Eating a diet high in green foods will certainly add energy to your body. The emphasis on green foods is because of the chlorophyll, which is molecularly structured like human hemoglobin.

Along with the high chlorophyll content of Universal Greens, our Quint-Essence (#6111) is a whole food supplement that contains super-green food, vitamins, minerals, trace-minerals, enzymes and pro-biotics. This is a convenient way to meet your basic nutritional needs, which will further fuel your body with energy.

How do you recommend taking Universal Greens?

Recommended Dosage for Universal Greens:

1 teaspoon in 32 oz of water two to four times per day.

Optional use: Sprinkle on top of any meal to enhance your green food intake. It also works well to mix a teaspoon into yogurt, rice-milk or soymilk.

Universal Greens (the pH enhancing Opti-Blend) Label Nutrition Facts
Product Number: 6804
Medium: Powder
Container Quantity: 1/2lb (226.8grams)
Cap Style: Screw
Seal Method: Shrink
Bottle Volume: 700cc
Material: HDPE
Package: Wide-mouth Jar